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Civil-Military Program Coordinator

Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies

Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Brown University

My research expertise is in the area of international security, specifically examining the relationship between emergent weapons technologies and international laws and norms surrounding the use of military force. I examine the legal and normative implications of remote warfare, such as the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in counter-terrorism operations, as well as civil society’s response to these post-9/11 national security policies.

I am the Civil-Military Program Coordinator at the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies (CHRHS) housed within Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. I currently manage CHRHS’s research portfolio on civil-military coordination and work with a variety of stakeholders from academia, government, military, and civil society. These research projects include: a comparative study of civil-military coordination during complex humanitarian conflictsin the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Philippines, and Jordan (funded by the US State Department); a comparative study of national civil-military-police responses to COVID-19 in Australia, New Zealand, and the US (funded by the Australian Civil-Military Centre); and a research project involving newly resettled Afghan refugees in Rhode Island. 

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